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Security Services

Trusted Security Systems Services for Your Dallas/Fort Worth Business

Safety and security should be top priorities for your business. You want to make sure that your employees, guests, and customers or clients are safe at all times when they visit your property. 

Security is also highly important to ensure that your property is protected from intruders. When you have the right monitoring system, you can track who has been in and out of your office all day and night. 

Phoenix Office Technology Services, LLC offers the following business security systems Addison: 

  • Facility Access
  • Surveillance
  • Monitoring
  • And Many More! 

For your security services needs, call us for assistance. 

Facility Access

Access for people you know and when and where folks can come in and out is important to security.  Book a Demo today to get your consultation scheduled. Because not all security is the same for everyone, but everyone needs to be secure. 


Keeping an eye on your facility inside or out. Who is watching while everyone is working? We can recommend best solutions for your team and facility. Ask us how by booking your demo. 


Monitoring can be whole or variable times, so you can technically provide the history needed for systems, access, facility, and people. This is completely customizable. Ask for your evaluation by booking your demo. 

Contact Us for Security Services in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, TX

When you need Addison security services, reach out to our team here at Phoenix Office Technology Services, LLC. We are based in Addison, TX, and serve clients from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 

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