Sound Masking is an important element of any building’s acoustic design. It’s specifically made to emit a sound at the same frequency as human speech. This means it produces a sound already familiar to the human ear, but at a higher level to reduce the sound of distracting speech.

White Noise (and its many variants) are basic versions of sound masking in that it has the ability to cover certain sounds, but at higher levels, it can be just as distracting. The QT Pro® Sound Masking utilizes a frequency in the same spectrum of human speech, a frequency the human mind is already very accustomed to. However, there are times when “too quiet” becomes “too loud,” and Sound Masking is the right solution for those cases as well.

A large variety of industries use the Sound Masking systems we provide including small business office, medical facilities, government buildings, call centers, and tax services. If you are curious to see how it can help your specific space, contact us for a free demonstration.

We do our best to make ourselves available to all of our clients. If you cannot reach one of us directly, please email us at our main contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.